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it is supposed that he beats by dre tory burch outlet can possibly arrive at truth in many situations. In Ireland, for instance, the peasant is beset on both sides by conflicting claims of ecclesiastical authority. Now if the Scriptural appeal be rejected as above his powers, what more simple and easy test can be substituted ? I would ask then, is such an one, however sincerely and candidly tory burch shoes he may desire to ascertain the truth, left destitute of the means? Is his choice between the two forms of Christi¬anity a matter of absolute indifference ?And here for the present I would will¬ingly pause. It has been my endeavour throughout this introductory Lecture to exhibit the arguments most convincing to my own Monster headphones mind as to the supremacy of the Bible as the great tory burch outlet standard to which the ultimate appeal must always lie; but I have been equally anxious to maintain, in due subordination to this, the importance of an educated ministry, as the faithful guides to the people to qualify them for making this appeal with advantage; and I would strongly urge on that ministry the necessity of preparing themselves for their high office by every appropriate preliminary study. Let the Bible itself be their first, their great, their constant object of atten¬tion ; but let them not neglect in their proper place and relation any useful dr dre headphones subsi¬diary means of interpretation; and least of all, let them throw aside the judicious study of Christian antiquity.With these views, having thus laid the foundation in the paramount authority of the holy Scriptures, I shall endeavour in the following Lectures, faithfully, I trust, however imperfectly, to offer such assist¬ance as I may to the younger student, who may be desirous of undertaking for himself the candid examination of the most inte¬resting Christian remains of the first three centuries. These I would class under three leading divisions, as suggested tory burch outlet by the joint consideration of their age and schools.1. The Apostolical Fathers, Clemens Romanus, Ignatius, and Polycarp.2. The Philosophical and Alexandrian Fathers, beats by dre Justin, Athenagoras, Clemens, Alexandrinus, and Origen.3. The more dogmatic Fathers of the Western Church, Irenseus, Tertullian, and Cyprian.I propose to conclude the brief and sum¬mary survey, which alone my span will allow, with the period when tory burch outlet the establish¬ment of Christianity as the religion of the empire allowed the Church vibram five fingers to utter her sentiments with her five fingers united voice tory burch outlet in General Councils, and it therefore remains no longer necessary to educe those sentiments from the collation of her individual writers.I shall indeed Monster Beats be prevented, by the limits I have thus prescribed to myself, from enter¬ing into Discount The North Face Jackets the rich field presented by the able and eloquent writers who so richly adorned the fourth tory burch coupon century. tory burch coupon
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must have been to treat the subject altogether in a superficial manner, or dr dre headphones to confine my view to its earlier portion, I feel that I have made the beats by dre most judicious choice in my power.I am happy, however, to conclude the present Lecture by a few tory burch coupon quotations from two of the most distinguished luminaries of that century, which bear entirely on the great subject which has now engaged our attention ; and shew that no biblical advo¬cate of the present day can possibly be more deeply impressed with a sense of the supreme importance of the Bible than were Monster headphones these ancient Fathers of the Church." The Scriptures," saith the eloquent Chrysostom, " are an epistle from God himself, and to read them is to tory burch outlet converse with himb."" The Apostolical writings," he adds, " are the very walls of the Church®. tory burch outlet Some one perhaps may ask, What then shall I do, I who cannot have a Paul to refer to ? Why, if thou wilt thou mayest still have him more entire than many, even with whom he was personally present; for it was not the sight of Paul that made them what they were, but his words. If thou wilt, thou mayest have Paul and Peter and John, yea, and the whole choir of Prophets tory burch outlet and tory burch outlet Apostles, to converse Monster Beats with thee fre¬quently. Only take the works of these blessed men, and read their writings assi¬duously. But why tory burch outlet do I say to thee, Thou mayest have Paul; if thou wilt thou mayest have Paul's Master; for it is he himself that speaketh to thee in Paul's wordsd."b T. iii. p. 73. and Horn. ii. in cap. ]. Gen.4 Horn, in Discount The North Face Jackets 2 Tim. iii. 1.* In Coloss. Horn. ix." Look not for any other teacher; you have the vibram five fingers oracles of God; no one can teach like them; any other instructor may from some erroneous principle conceal from you many things of tory burch shoes the greatest importance; and therefore I exhort you to procure for yourselves Bibles. Have them for your constant instructors; and in all your trials have recourse to them for the remedies you need/'Chrysostom, therefore, most anxiously recommends the constant study of these best guides as of universal necessity to persons of every class in society. " I always advise, and shall never cease to advise and call upon you all, not only to attend to what is said here in the church, but also to be diligent in reading the divine Scriptures at home. Nor let any one allege the usual frivolous excuses, ' I am engaged in public affairs, or I have a trade, and a wife, and children, to take care of; in a word, I am a secular person, it is not my business to read.' So far are these things from making out a valid or even tolerable excuse, that upon these accounts and for five fingers these very reasons, you have the more need to read the Scriptures®."Another contemporary beats by dre of Chrysostom, Basil of Csesarea, commonly surnamed the Great, has many passages equally strong to the same effect; I need but cite three short aphorisms.
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saith he, " that every word and every work should be accre¬dited by the testimony of the inspired Scripturea."" Let the inspired Scriptures ever be our umpire, and on whichever side the doc¬trines are found accordant to the divine word, to that side the award of truth may with entire certainty be given."Lastly, " It is the duty tory burch outlet of hearers, when they have been instructed in the five fingers Scrip¬tures, to try and examine by them the things spoken by their teachers, to receive whatever is consonant to those Scriptures, and to reject whatever is alien; for thus they will comply with the injunction of St. Paul, to prove all things, and hold fast that which is good."These last quotations form a complete summary of all that I have myself wished to inculcate on this important subject, tory burch outlet and I feel that I cannot better conclude than by leaving the impression of so tory burch shoes much higher an authority on your minds. May He, into accordance tory burch outlet with whose will and tory burch outlet word we would bring every thought and word of ours, graft his own beats by dre truth inwardly in your hearts. LECTURE II.REV. ii. 13.Thou boldest fad my Monster headphones name, and hast not denied my faith, even in those days in which my faithful martyr was slain among you.I HAVE already, in my Introductory Lecture, proposed as the subject of the present course, the analytical examination of the remains of the earlier Christian Fathers; considering this as the only satis¬factory mode dr dre headphones of forming a correct estimate of the real import and value of the vestiges of primitive tradition which remain to us, and of the just application of such materials to the purposes of theological science.In the Lecture of the present day, it is my intention to commence this design, by the consideration of the genuine remains of those called the Apostolical Fathers; the actual companions and immediate suc¬cessors of the inspired founders of our Monster Beats faith. A description it is surely impos-b 2 sible to repeat, without the associated feelings of beats by dre the most reverential regard.The first of these whom we shall be called to notice, Clement of Rome, must especially claim these sentiments of the deepest deference ; for St. Paul himself Discount The North Face Jackets has borne the strongest testimony to his active merits and holy character, as his own fellow-labourer, vibram five fingers whose name was written in the book of lifea. The cotem- porary of the Apostles in date, and their unwearied coadjutor in evangelical labour, he was no less closely connected with them by identity of spirit. We have un¬happily but one short Epistle which can with any confidence be regarded as a genuine work of this first tory burch outlet and most vene¬rable of the uninspired transmitters of our faith. Small as it is in compass, Eusebius has forcibly expressed the sense which the primitive Church entertained of the mag¬nitude of its interest and importance
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it Mt-yaXr teal Oavfmala; and if we turn from the earliest to one of the most modern ecclesiastical historians, we find• Phil. iv. 3.the pious Milner ascribing Discount The North Face Jackets to it " a won¬derful depth of holiness and wisdom." In the primitive times, indeed, it appears to have been constantly read, not only in the Church to which it was addressed, but in many Monster Beats others also, as conducing to great and general edification.This valuable and interesting document had, however, very nearly been lost to the Church, for it is extant in one only MS. being dr dre headphones written at the end of the celebrated Alexandrian Codex of the New Testament, presented to our Charles I. by the then Pa¬triarch of Constantinople; and tory burch outlet from thence first published, about two centuries ago, in our own University, by the care of our distinguished and general scholar Junius b.Some parties were, at first, inclined to question the genuineness of this single copy, brought to light at so late a period; but it is now unhesitatingly and univer¬sally received. It agrees exactly with the fragments preserved in ancient quotations; and no one who has the slightest skill and tact in appreciating internal evidence, and b Oxonii 1633. distinguishing between the affectations of sophistical forgeries and the simplicity of truth, can for a moment doubt, that the Epistle as we now possess it is a genuine production; for it bears in every respect the most convincing marks of its early origin. The whole composition, indeed, of this tory burch shoes Epistle so exactly tallies with the pecu¬liar circumstances of the Church tory burch coupon in that age, and with those of the author, and these coincidences are so obviously undesigned and natural, that similar arguments to those, by which the acuteness of Paley has placed the genuineness of the Pauline vibram five fingers Epistles beyond the possible reach of scepticism, might be readily applied to this.The argument of the Epistle, Monster headphones directed only to oppose the factious spirit of the Corinthians, has nothing in it which tory burch outlet could in any way tory burch outlet have been supposed to have recommended itself to any forger; for there is nothing striking in the occasion, such as might have captivated the fancy of beats by dre a sophis¬tical rhetorician; nor is there any thing which could have advanced the interest of any party, or exalted the pretensions of any order in the Church. It is throughout only a plain and practical exhortation to Christian peace and unity, five fingers occasioned by the factious spirit which disturbed the Corin¬thian Church. And, secondly, with reference to the undesigned coincidences with the pe¬culiar circumstances of the first age of the Church; it is quite evident, that it must have been written beats by dre to a Church, of which a considerable and influential portion of the members had tory burch outlet been Jews or proselytes to that faith
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supposes the most intimate acquaintance with the Scriptures of the Old Testament; for these, and not the beats by dre Scriptures of the New, are universally quoted as the written Discount The North Face Jackets authority for the doctrines it contains. The author, indeed, very properly refers to the dis¬courses of our blessed Lord, as to an autho¬rity of equal, and indeed still more especial, weight; but he never expressly quotes these from any particular written Gospel; and although he always exactly agrees with these evangelical narratives in substance and in tory burch outlet sense, yet the verbal discrepances will shew, that he does Monster Beats not transcribe from thflm 5 but j as Bp. Pearson has well ob¬served, seems to have relied vibram five fingers on a memory previously familiar with our Lord's words, fr$m the oral Monster headphones communications of the Apo¬stles five fingers or their disciples. Now this is exactly the manner tory burch outlet in which we should tory burch outlet have sup¬posed such references to have been made in m Epistle, which was dr dre headphones most probably written before the publication of the last Gospel, that of St. John, and when the very earliest could not have obtained a circu¬lation of more than a very few years. But if we compare the form of these quotations with those in Justin Martyr, we shall see such a marked difference, as must at once induce us to refer these to a much earBer period.With the Epistles of his revered asso¬ciate in evangelical labours, St. Paul, the mind of Clement appears to have been very thoroughly imbued. Coincidences of thought and expression are perpetually occurring, which can admit no other explanation than that particular passages of this Apostle's compositions were beats by dre directly present in his thoughts, while he was framing tory burch shoes his own sentences; Eusebius has particularly re¬marked such coincidences with the Epistle to the Hebrews. Yet Clement only ex¬pressly quotes the particular Epistle of that Apostle to the same Corinthian Church to which he was himself writing*; and as this circumstance would appear to indicate, that at that early period the Epistles addressed to any particular Churches were not gene¬rally read in the services of other congre¬gations, it may serve to afford another mark of the tory burch coupon probable date of the compo¬sition.As we should thus conclude from the mere internal evidence of the Epistle itself that it must have been composed11 while a• With reference to these allusions by Clement to the New Testament, I would refer to Lardner's in- vi&iable collections. (Credibility, vol. i. p. 293.) He quotes several passages parallel to the three first Gospels, tory burch outlet and the fourth was certainly not yet published. The tory burch outlet coincidences with the apostolic Epistles are far more numerous, exceeding forty: they are referable to every one of the Pauline Epistles, excepting that to Philemon, and to those of Peter, James, and Jude.b
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